Why I Stopped Writing

Over a year ago, I stopped writing abruptly. No, I did not stop due to lack of traction, although that could have been a good reason, and while my posts were sporadic at best, six in total, the reason was much more personal.

At the time, my wife and I got a "big" health scare. She underwent a biopsy for potentially cancerous tissue. We literally froze life as we knew it. Many thoughts and questions swirled through our heads. How could this be happening to us? We're too young for this and only in our early 30s. We haven't even started a family yet. What do we tell our family members, especially our parents, because this isn't supposed to happen to their kids?

It was terrifying, but we decided to follow the process and keep our hopes up, but nothing else mattered at the moment. Before this life-altering news, I was searching for my next career adventure, and all new applications or opportunity inquiries stopped immediately. We focused on each other, and our health as the steps for her unfolded. Eventually, it was time for the results. I don't think either of us wanted to look at the results online and we dreaded the phone call from the hospital. Thankfully, we were told the three best words ever -- benign irregular tissue! The relief was insane! One thing became, explicitly clear, nothing else really matters except for your health and those that you love.

Immediately afterward, I got numerous interview offers from months earlier applications. Then, I received multiple job offers. It was almost like we were being tested or something... We decided on making a move to Cincinnati, not exactly a destination city, but it has midwestern roots and much better year-round weather than Minnesota. It also made sense because the team I was joining was close-knit, and the firm was smaller, which allows me to make a more significant impact. I hate being just another number, replaceable, and forgettable. So far, we're happy with our decision even though we miss family and friends.

While my writing sabbatical has been mostly limited to my blog as I've kept writing for my new employer, I'd like to get back to sharing my market views regularly, and providing my insights and opinions on other topics as well. Writing has many advantages, it makes you a better storyteller, it keeps you honest with yourself, and it makes you think more clearly because we all know the public mob is all too eager to humiliate and criticize you.

To sum it up, I look forward to writing and sharing again.